Eat Seasonal

  • Zlatina Tencheva

A Creative Conscience project, a campaign that aims to educate consumers about the benefits of eating seasonal fruit. Having grown up in a country where you can only find peaches in the summer and pears in autumn, I found it odd that this is not common in the UK. Therefore, this is what inspired me to undertake this direction in the conscious consumption brief. 

The visuals were inspired by the distinctive look and colours of the fruit stickers. However, I wanted the design to be as minimalistic as possible while still maintaining that style. When it comes to the photographs, I aimed to create a calm and warm feeling inspired by a picnic in the park during a sunny late afternoon.
However, instead of stickers, I have chosen to use stamps since it is more environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, as pretty as they are, stickers are made with a thin layer of plastic and because of their small size, they are a big issue for industrial composting facilities. The tote bags, I have created with the shopping experience in mind. Instead of wondering which fruit is in season, one can simply have a look at their bag.