• Clarisse Talleux

Giving value to Paris's tap water.

Paris has got one of the world's best tap waters, and one of the lowest consumption rates in France. Eau de Paris's new identity and communication campaign from fashion, luxury and arts, with a daring claim. Paris's tap water regains its true value: that of a priceless good.
The posters offer a transcended vision of the glass of water: it becomes a symbol. It is combined with a provocative claim: "Carpet with Water of Paris" ("Run on Water of Paris") which implicitely encourages the parisians to think over their way of living. Drinking tap water in Paris is no longer a random act. It becomes an attitude.
The TV clip shows new ways of living Water of Paris, with energy and creativity. A euphoric approach to tap water.
The film's images breathe life into the new website, completely redesigned to highlight health-related information.
There is one Eau de Paris water bottle for each of the 20 city districts, and every bottle bears the addresses of its district's water fountains.
The water bill is entirely redesigned: it becomes a simple leaflet on which the Parisian water rather than bottled water !
And, of course, Eau de Paris does not forget that the Parisians never drink their coffee without its traditional glass of water.