eBook: 8 Lessons on Pricing and Negotiations for Freelancers

  • Maja Nenadov Webster

Pricing is hard as a freelancer. Most freelancers feel at least a little uncomfortable when it comes to pricing their services - it’s natural to have doubts about whether your quoting too high or too low. But getting your pricing right is critical. If you’re competing on price instead of the value you offer then you’re going to underprice yourself, and struggle to make it in the long term as a successful freelancer. So that’s why we gathered together these fundamental, hard-learned lessons on pricing and negotiating. The eBook is designed to help you overcome your pricing barriers, and start your journey towards getting paid what you deserve. To snatch your free copy, just sign up using the link below and you will receive it straight to your inbox: https://www.subscribepage.com/pricingebook Happy reading!


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