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Currently working as part of a voluntary editorial team for the social enterprise e-magazine, Smart Cities by Amnick. Below are two article I wrote for the magazine's Women In Tech section, called ' BAME Wome In Tech'.

BAME Women In Tech Part 1- Abi Mohamed- Community Growth Ventures (CGV)
“The majority of the tech industry is run by white men - with ethnic minorities making up just 5% of the workforce.” (Source: BBC 1Xtra: Online and Black: Living In A Digital World, https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/favourites/m0007h7l Aug 11th 2019 )
Community Growth Ventures (CGV) is an Angel Group, that provides funding for founders of start-up businesses from under-represented groups.
Me: So how did you get your start in the tech world?
Abi: I got into the tech industry in quite a weird way. For my undergrad I studied International Relations and Economics, then I decided to do a Masters in Information System Management. Once I did that I thought it would enough for me to get my 1st role in tech. I had industry experience but more in sales, it was difficult job hunting, mostly rejected. I decided to join a boot camp for 3 months, then got put into a placement for 2 years, that’s how I made way into the tech world.
Me: What exactly does your company CGV do? This is for our readers information.
Abi: CGV invests time and resources to help passionate founders create sustainable companies that deliver value to customers and the communities they operate in. The team of 3 supports pre-seed funding and seed funding stage startups around business strategy, growth marketing, operations, and capital. ​ We have a list of angels (investors), who match our founders with, or what we have also been doing is investing our own capital in founders.
Me: So what exactly is an Angel?
Abi: A person with an X disposable amount of income and they are interested in investing. For example, investing in a startup or a small sized business (SME) with their own money for equity exchange. They invest in a stake in the business.

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