You’re Egencia, you’re a pure B2B brand and you have customers demanding ever more sophisticated solutions to travel problems. Egencia’s huge area of strength is their best-in-class technology, but their clients still want a tangible view of the customer service and support offered to their travellers.
But Egencia can’t take their client’s for site-visits at all 60 of their customer service centres round the world and let’s face it, a graph on a powerpoint slide isn’t that exciting.
Enter Virtual Reality.


We hadn’t worked with Virtual Reality or shot in 360 before. Examples of VR in a B2B setting are rarer than hen’s teeth. So we were solving problems from the start.
We wanted to bring the ‘global-ness’ and ‘local-ness’ of the customer service to the front. So we shot in 3 cities, in 4 weeks, with Egencia employee’s.
A very small crew of just 4, thinking on our feet, finding solutions. We loved it!


We created one of the most talked about assets Egencia has ever launched. It went live at GBTA in Boston, to a fantastic reception from existing customers and prospects alike.
The experience took people into the heart of the customer service centres, they got to meet travel consultants in their environment. Understanding the dedication and knowledge they put into their roles.
Grab a VR headset and check out the video below (there’s also a sneaky look at the behind the scenes from the shoot).

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