EIM - a performative concert

  • Elisabetta Cuccaro
  • We are looking for new locations to show it again.
  • Higly emotional, it intertwines many elements taken from music, scenography and visual arts.
  • International, the three members come from Italy and Latvia

EIM is a concept performative concert that has been shown for the first time at ONO Bern (CH). It plays with structures and systems, breaking more traditional musical patterns; indeed it prefers to extract fragments and details to build a different field of awareness. The whole created anew from this process deals with the performer physical and emotional engagement, that will involve and drag the audience into the experience, becoming a fundamental and active element of the performance. EIM is a new creation of three extensive artists: singer-songwriter and performer Ilmārs Šterns, visual artist, art writer and violin performer Elisabetta Cuccaro, and composer and keyboardist Maija Solovjova join forces together, sharing and transforming their individual backgrounds.
Program Ouverture improvisation, M. Solovjova SiLaFaMi (2017, I. Šterns) I. Šterns, M. Solovjova Duet Alone (2012, E. Cuccaro) E.Cuccaro, I. Šterns ReDoSi (2017-18, E. Cuccaro, I. Šterns, M. Solovjova) premiere E. Cuccaro, I. Šterns, M. Solovjova Squares (2018, E. Cuccaro, I. Šterns) premiere E. Cuccaro, I. Šterns 8 Seconds (2013, M. Solovjova) I. Šterns, M. Solovjova 4 Miniatures improvisation, E.Cuccaro, I. Šterns, M. Solovjova Month Moon (2013, M. Solovjova) I. Šterns, M. Solovjova Music Skin (2018, I. Šterns, E. Cuccaro) performance, E. Cuccaro, I. Šterns Silence #1 (2016, E. Cuccaro) premiere solo performance, E. Cuccaro Solo improvisation, M. Solovjova Do you love? (2018, I. Šterns) premiere E.Cuccaro, I. Šterns, M. Solovjova Counting Seconds (2018, I. Šterns) performance, E.Cuccaro, I. Šterns, M. Solovjova