Ekphrasis: Poems from Paintings and Paintings from Poems

  • Lotte Jones
  • George Sturley
This project was a second year History of Art module at Durham University entitled Gallery 101: Designing the Art Exhibition. The aim of the module was to create and market a hypothetical Fine Art exhibition.

Summary description of exhibition:
“Painting is poetry which is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen” - Leonardo da Vinci
This exhibition aims to explore the fluid relationship between literary and visual artists. It will demonstrate the dynamic relationship between these areas of the arts, specifically through the consideration of paintings which have been inspired by poems, and poems inspired by paintings. The exhibition will be ordered chronologically, indicating the frequency of this creative reciprocity through time. Each work will be presented with its corresponding artwork to demonstrate the way in which different formats of art are primordial in inspiring a creative process.
The exhibition will not focus on one specific artist/area of Art History, instead exploring those artists that have been inspired by others to create a dialogue traversing time and genre.

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    Durham University