Ellie Ramsden - Exhibition + TPF Talks

  • Bella Okuya
  • Shea-Anne Shaw
  • Ellie Ramsden

For this special edition of TPF Talks x Photobook Cafe we will be exhibiting the final project of, Ellie Ramsden - who is the grant recipient of the 2021 TPF Photography Grant. Ellie is a photographic artist based in London, the Winner of the 2021 TPF Grant and was a mentor at TPF. Ellie's work aims to question stereotypes, stimulate discussion and give new perspectives. During the talk, Ellie shared her TPF Grant funded project, 'This Land is Our Land' a documentary project, which addresses the UK housing crisis, through exploring sustainable housing models and alternatives to home ownership. The project's primary focus is Sanford Cooperative, the UK's first housing co-op. Ellie was joined by her friend and collaborator, Ademola Bello to discuss the project in detail.