• Mitra ( Dima Dobrovolskis )

Series of commercials for product stores ELVI. It is about a typical dad who decided to start video food blog. And if in social media he is a real star, at home he becomes a real catastrophe. It was a fun project to do. We shot 12 commercials over 2 days. I worked closely with the agency on scripts. My main goal as a director was to make sure that each script features also a visual joke. Surely, casting played a crucial role. Over 2 weeks I cast over 20 actors for dad's role. And couldn't be happier with the final selection. I think I selected him in last minute over a video-scout. Very glad that the agency and the client showed their trust in m and the actor. Since I'm a big gig of visual aesthetics and I put a big effort into art direction in my work, I decided to push the idea to build a location – a 3 room environment where we can have total control of colors and lights. I did a a simple sketch with moodboards for 3D artists, so the Art Department can deliver the final results. And it looks sooooo good. Absolutely love the final colors.