Empty Castle - Video Game Animation

Empty Castle is a satirical game (presented as an animated video). The aim is to highlight the stereotypical female character tropes often used in video games.
​In the game, all of the male characters have disappeared and players must choose from one of four stereotypical female character tropes to play as. Whichever character is chosen to play as, the game cannot be completed due to the male protagonist not being present. This aims to comment on the way games predominantly use male characters to advance the plot. ​Inspired by Feminist Frequency, four female characters were designed to feature in the game, each based on a female character trope. These are: 'Damsel in Distress', 'Ms. Male Character', 'Women as a Reward' and 'Women in Refrigerator'.
Video Sound Credits
Start Music: Galavanting Through Low Rez Forests by TeknoAXE Character Selection Screen Music: Crimson Nights Title Track by TeknoAXE Sound Effects: 8-Bit Retro Video Game Sound Effects by Brand Name Audio

Team Credits

Emily Birdsey

  • Message
  • Graphic Designer

Project Tags

  • gamedesign
  • animation
  • editorialdesign
  • packagingdesign
  • videogames
  • game
  • women
  • motiongraphics
  • aftereffects
  • stereotypes

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