Enabling your employees to become your brand ambassadors

Most companies expect their people to master the skills of formatting on day one (I mean, do you even remember taking a single lesson in formatting back in your college/uni days??), and the only tool they're given is a company template.
Very little is done to actually empower and equip people with the right tools, to be able to represent themselves but also the company they work for, whenever they do a presentation. How you look, sound, behave and.. format, all come together to make up your brand, and your people are your best brand ambassadors.
Engaging a national and widespread workforce, working from more than 500 locations in England.
As with most healthcare companies, spare time is a luxury and Virgin Care is no different. Anything created had to be in bitesize format, down to the animated tutorial, which is less than five minutes long, designed to only cover the very basics of putting together a PowerPoint presentation. Colleagues are then able to go on to the company intranet Jam to download other toolkits, like 'How to produce a takeaway' along with browsing the image library for additional brand assets.


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