Enactus 'TakeMeOut' - 2018 Highlights

  • Thuvarahaa Elayathamby
I was the editor for the 'TakeMeOut' show we, EnactusEssex, did at our university to raise funds for our social projects around the world (mainly Africa). The point was to show how fun and crazy it was as well as to up last years highlight video someone else made. It was where I fully fell back in love with editing again! No matter how much time it takes to find the right footage, songs etc. the end product always proves worth it! I did, however, had to work with the footage that was given to me and some footage wasn't the best but we've discussed and I made sure I gave the videographer tips on how to do better next time. On my side, I feel I shouldn't have changed the colour of the footage in some parts. There wasn't a lot of need for colour corrections in some areas which I've noted down for future projects.