• Madeleine Klimowicz
With more than 86,000 16 – 25 year olds finding themselves homeless every year, the outlook for homeless young people in the UK is bleak. Neglected, abused and abandoned; homeless young people are amongst the most vulnerable in our society. Without the right help at the right time, this downward spiral lasts into adulthood.   
It need not be this way.   
Homeless young people can be tomorrow’s doctors, scientists and engineers, if they get the right help at the right time.   
How to get involved:
Begin fundraising now! Now that the sun is shining, take the office outside to enjoy the weather and raise money and awareness to help homeless young people.   
Click here to download a fundraising information pack, create your team page and get the whole office involved to support the campaign! We can’t wait to see what creative ideas you and your friends and colleagues come up with to give #HOPE2EYH.   
What just £25 could achieve:
To end youth homelessness in the long term, we need to provide young people with a safe place to call home, as well as the dedicated support in healthcare and education so desperately needed.    
By fundraising during EYH Week, you’ll give HOPE to homeless young people and help them break the cycle of homelessness for good.
Visit our Just Giving page.