Entropy Project

  • Estela Gaspar
  • Abigail Appiagyei

Entropy Digital Experience Design . Art . Science http://www.e-stela.co.uk/entropy-estela-creative-blog.html To create a visual experiment of Entropy that can be self-explanatory and inspiring, inviting the spectator to think about the process of construction but also destruction, making him or her aware of the relation in between the two. Entropy is a fascinating process of destruction from a construction of shape that can be found in any energy process, including life, from the action of a structural theme (anabolic tendency) and tension reduction tendency (ordering). The catabolic destruction entropy) is a rich theme for inquiry and can lead to many interesting conclusions, therefore I proposed to research it and experiment with it. What is entropy? Can entropy be a simple process of destruction or is in itself also construction? Do these processes of construction and destruction have a deep connection? How do they interact and can be described in Art?


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    Anglia Ruskin University