Every last wrinkle, Plinth II , 2016

Mellina Van der Vaulk | Sculpture and combined media Every last wrinkle, 2016 | Performative Video Instillation.
Mellina Van der Valk’s work is a creative exploration of performances, object making and video works questioning the female domestic stereotype created through a focus on the advertising industry.  In these artistic explorations I explore objects seen to be female and how they play a role in female lives. Transitioning between domestic and fetishized objects I explore female sexuality and domesticity.
Current works of masking the artists face explore the nature of both the domestic and sexual stereotypes. Selected materials from the domestic such as gelatine, leathers and metals bring forth the idea of fetish and in turn question female stereotypes. The deconstruction of these object in video performance cause to question the female domestic role and how we interact with domestic appliances commonly associated with housework

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Mellina Van der Valk

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