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In comparison to global standards, every funding of culture that is less than 2,4% of the overall State budget, is scandalous and reduces culture of that State to an occurrence, an anegdote and occasional excess. Even with this year nominal increase adding up to 1.4% of the Serbia budget, financial support for culture is still far from enough. One should consider that a significant portion of this amount goes to public institutions and effectively makes up to 0,77% out of 1,4% which is even further from general accepted minimum. Whatever is done, investments in culture remain rather comic (or better to say, tragic). Works included in “<2,4%” exhibition call for responsibility and speak directly to individuals whom they blame for turning backs on situation, the lack of funding and misunderstanding. However, one ought not to forget that when one points finger at someone, three fingers face himself, and thus authors remind us of questions that have to be posed over and over again. Apart from the role played by those in power, what is personal share of responsibility for what is taking place in our culture?
Authors: Nevenka Šmitran, Katarina Galić, Ana Cvijanović, Danijela Tasić, Tamara Kokić, Sanja Latinović
Curator: Teodora Jeremić
October 2014 @gallery KM8, Belgrade


Teodora Jeremic

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