Fabricated Illusions and Unconscious Desires

My Final Major Project consisted of several graphical elements, these included; illustration, animation, product design, package design, website design and branding.

CONCEPT: The Artistic Experiment

Theorist Jean Baudrillard: He states that consumerism is an extension of hyper reality and everything in reality is a simulation. The simulation is completed through the production and consumption of goods.

Sense of self: A product creates a sense of who we are, purchasing reflects our inner most desires. What the branding and marketing does is tap into the consumers unconscious desires through well thought out phrasing and imagery. The idea of creating a product that taps into our psychological production of self.

I am focusing on the branding and the marketing element. How brands manipulate you into buying them.

The power of branding: I want to prove that a consumer will buy into anything as long as it looks good and shows legitimacy, the easily manipulated mind of the modern day consumer. This will be done by creating a brand and launching a product with hope that the consumer will by into it even though it is false. The launch will be conducted in a controlled environment and documented through photography.

The anti-ageing industry in particular, you see this fabricated illusion through their branding and marketing. They fabricated the absolute fake. This is the industry which the project is based upon “Young forever” and “ageless”

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