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Creativity from across the Fabrik community featuring Peter Eszenyi, Glassworks, Malte Rosenfeld, Si Wachsmann, Doug McLean, Ash K. Halliburton, Fabian Kimoto, Christian Van Duuren, Evaldas Cesnavicius, Libby Burke Wilde, Karmilla Shelly and Jean Batiste Strub.

Peter Eszenyi, VFX Supervisor, UK
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Premiering in August 2019 to critical acclaim, Jim Henson’s otherworldly fable introduces enchanting landscapes and loyal character adaptations.
Peter Eszenyi, VFX supervisor/director gives a rare glimpse of the meticulous process behind the creation of the world: "For the shot creation process we designed the layouts and camera moves based on the director’s and the VFX supervisor’s brief. On the space opener shot we worked closely with Dneg TV, who were responsible for the planetary journey and our graphics elements, where the designs were based on those iconic Brian Froud symbols. We animated these elements to fit the narrative and create something that visually introduces the world of the Dark Crystal to the audiences."
A visually spectacular journey, quite unlike anything else on television.
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Glassworks, Visual Effects, UK
Glassworks gives us a glimpse of what a real-life test drive for KIA motors. An award winning agency based in Amsterdam and Barcelona, the team at Glassworks has over 20 years of experience in delivering cutting-edge visual effects, while dipping their hands in immersive technology.
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Malte Rosenfeld, Director of Photography, UK
Award winning DoP Malte Rosenfeld is based out of London, via Germany and Ireland. He's won a Kinsale Shark for his cinematography and recently shot Netflix original 'Close' directed by Vic Jewson featuring Noomi Rapace.
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Si Wachsmann, Photographer, Germany
A rare peek through the eyes of the photographer, reveals a few unexpected angles of the insular jewish community.
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Doug McLean, Photographer, UK
Not a lot is known about Doug McLean, photographer, but his photography transcends verticals, shooting urban scenes, to portraits and commissioning work for Adidas.
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Jean-Batiste Strub, Director & Photographer, France
Jean-Batiste Strub is a French director and photographer living in London, specializing in editorial, fashion and street shots. His vibrant street photography gives room for many interpretations, and plays with unexpected compositions.
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Ash K. Halliburton, Art Director, UK
Creative director, art director, production designer Ash K. Halliburton produces this amazing photoshoot for magazine Cap74024 for Yves Saint-Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, photographed by Michal Pudelka.
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Libby Burke Wilde, Director, UK
Based on multiple true stories which gives a frank portrayal of the awkwardness, sensitivity and often humiliation that characterises many early experiences of menstruation. Director & Photographer Libby Burke Wilde creates ABSENT, a short film about period poverty in the UK. Made for Freedom4Girls UK.
Fabian Kimoto, Director of Photography, Indonesia
Hunter Sabrina Bloch and straight-edge vegan Hermann Dill are equally passionate about animals. Yet their ideology and lifestyle could not be more different.
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Christian Van Duuren, Photographer, Netherlands
At the end of the year Christian Van Duuren, photographer and filmmaker, showcases his book of intimate, sensual black and white female portraits.
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Evaldas Cesnavicius, Designer, Germany
Evaldas Cesnavicius has a globetrotting career which most recently found him generating ideas and looks for new Bang & Olufsen products. A good amount of time was dedicated for RND process.
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Karmilla Shelly, Photographer, Italy
A series of manipulated images by photographer Karmilla Shelly, drawing inspiration from classic fables, Greek classics and romantic literature or to the masters of the Renaissance. Here: “Emptiness" - the emptiness and the invisibility of the human being in contemporary society.
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