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Discover the work of Wonderhood Studios, Astrid Busser Casas, Doğan Gülcan, Black Milk Productions, Sade Ndya, Andres Marti, Toby McDonald, Jon Sayers, Lorenzo Premuroso, Eivind Landsvik, Sämen, Richard J. D. Bradbury, Julien Thiverny and Anita Szu Yi Chen.

Wonderhood Studios, Creative & Production Agency, UK

Wonderhood Studios is behind this social media biography of Donald Trump and a presidency largely shaped by the 45th’s online rants and ramblings, featuring many of the key protagonists on his path to digital domination.

Using his tweets and first-hand testimony from White House insiders, this documentary for BBC Three explores how the president of the United States came of age on Twitter and documents the impact of his tweets on politics in America and across the world.

Discover Trump in Tweets by Wonderhood Studios
Maker Series, Chapter 32

Welcome to Chapter 32 where we meet Charlotte Ginsborg, London-based filmmaker, Vanessa Coquelle, a French photographer living in Belgium with an eye for the people and Hugo Rodríguez Rodríguez, art director and visual developer at Glassworks Amsterdam.

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Astrid Busser Casas, VFX Compositor, Canada

Based out of Montreal, VFX compositor and supervisor Astrid Busser Casas has a host of hollywood blockbusters behind her - including Avengers: Endgame, Alita: Battle Angel, Godzilla: King of Monsters, The Hobbit and Man of Steel.

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Doğan Gülcan, Software Engineer & Photographer, USA

You can’t explain the Big Sur, until you’ve seen it. Doğan Gülcan, software engineer with a talent of photography transports us to the west coast, where waves collide with steep, evergreen cliffs to form endless strips of sand.

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Black Milk, Production Agency, UK

Black Milk production is no stranger to creative work that turns heads. A purveyor of services to iconic advertising agencies and brands alike, it commissions talent to produce work which forges new aesthetic paths.

Here, James Pearson Howes shoots London musician Keyah/Blu for Nike Shox.

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Sade Ndya, Cinematographer, USA

LA-based Cinematographer Sade Ndya shoots commercials, documentaries and music promos with a style grounded in surrealism, intricate production design and dynamic lighting. Her work is dedicated to portraying the beauty in being black.

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Andres Marti, Visual Artist, Colombia

In its long-standing Otredad project, Andres Marti, visual artist, explores the dialogue between space and subject - just like each individual is shaping their own reality so is reality shaping them
A highly conceptual and contemplative body of work, now in its 56th installment.

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Toby McDonald, Documentary Producer, UK

Toby McDonald is a documentary producer and director who specialises in popular science film-making, telling beautiful and captivating stories, and inspiring an audience to be curious, questioning and full of wonder.

His photography endeavors are no different. Equipped with his camera he travels extensively to revel the world through the eyes of the people in the frame.

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Jon Sayers, Director of Photography, UK

UK-based DoP Jon Sayers came to filmmaking via a degree in modern history and a love of the work of documentary stills photographers. 20 years on he's shot documentaries in most environments around the world, on projects that range from intimate stories to documenting large events or organisations.

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Lorenzo Premuroso, Designer & Illustrator, UK

Lorenzo Premuroso is a designer and animator and mographer based in London. He started his career as 3D Modeller and Texture Artist in game industry and then transitioned to Cinema and Advertising.

Generally speaking, not everything is black and white. However Lorenzo’s genius use of a binary color palette and expert use of negative space reveal figures and multi-layered hidden scenes.

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Eivind Landsvik, Film Director, Norway

Director Eivind Landsvik' work is more than films - it’s a mood. A master of pastel color palettes, he devises visual narratives and shoots in the fields of commercials, music videos and fiction. One to watch.

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Sämen, Directors, Italy

Working out of Milan, Italy, directing duo Sämen infuse their work with atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the rich, deep tones and a great cinematic feel throughout their whole portfolio.

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Richard J. D. Bradbury, Motion Picture Camera Operator, UK

With a plot filled with twists and turns and a roster for a-list stars, Killing eve builds tension and speeds up on a course to collision that has been keeping fans on their toes for the past few years.

Motion picture camera operator Richard J. D. Bradbury, a multi-faceted creative with years of experience on and off set, gives us magnificent frames and splashes of colors in the most gripping series of the decade.

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Anita Szu Yi Chen, Fashion Designer, Taiwan

Anita Szu Yi Chen was born and raised in Taiwan, but her talent found her way to NYFW where she presented her graduation collection on the runway.

Her designs reflect her personality, simple and complex at the same time, an oscillating experience infused with bold colors and intricate knitting techniques.

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July Mixer

Where did the summer go? Rhetorical. In any case, the world keeps on pinning, creators keep creating and even though processes has been radically changed - you know what the say? That through limited means we are pushed to be even more inventive. Anyway, a sliver of positive thoughts as we slowly wake up from our mid-year hibernation.

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