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What's new in the world of Fabrik creators, featuring Playground, Friends Electric, Neil Flitcroft, Neels Castillon, Ivo Wejaard, Charlie Robins, Michael Kettenbeil, Houmam, Chanel Cross, Ricardo Mingacho, Elaine Winter, Fabio Coelho and Tim Pope.

Playground, Production Studio, Portugal

Based in Lisbon, Portugal but creating worldwide, Playground is a creative production company who’s vision transcends media and with that its' output consists of flagship work for brands such as Ikea, Nike, Adidas and many more. We were particularly loving their recent project with Jessica Athayde for A Maria Vaidosa Magazine.

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Friends Electric, Production Studio, UK

Friends Electric are a boutique creative culture with production studios in London and Los Angeles. They connect creative talent with brands, bands, agencies and clients. Their recent production sees Jorja Smith and Pop Caan Music join forces for the first time to create a captivating music video filled with colorful animation that plays between reality and allegory. A fitting production for a talented voice of this generation.

Watch Jorja Smith and Pop Caan's Music Video
Neil Flitcroft, Photographer, UK

Commercial shoots from UK-based photographer Neil Flitcroft. Working across tabletop, food and portrait disciplines, Neil's work is pin-sharp.

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Neels Castillon, Director, Paris

The Space Between All Things. Ma is an immersive short film created by accomplished choreographer Sage Fanny and director Neels Castillon. The film explores the Japanese concept called 間 (Ma) — the pure and essential void between all “things”. A haunting, introspective film that exudes emotions against an Icelandic backdrop created for Nowness.

Watch Neels' short film Ma
Ivo Wejaard, Director and Photographer, Munich

Director and photographer Ivo Wejaard has a long standing experience in working with luxury brands and celebrities and bringing an in-depth régard. We love the color palette consistency which gives the work a harmonious, almost Wes Anderson-esque quality.

Discover Ivo's portfolio
Charlie Robins, Director, UK

Born and raised in South London, award-winning commercials and music video director Charlie Robins takes us out on tech-noir nighttime adventures throughout his home city.

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Michael Kettenbeil, Cinematographer, USA

Cinematographer Michael Kettenbeil was introduced to cameras from a young age, allowing him ample time to develop his style and ways of approaching each narrative. In his own words, he has a sense of style which is unique, delicate and attractive.

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Houmam, Colorist, USA

Houmam's work has taken such iconic proportions that some of the best known artists, directors and brands trust him with their films and promos. His absolutely stunning, drenched in color work, creates a story within the story and the result? We can’t take our eyes off of it.

View Houmam's Portfolio
Chanel Cross, Hair & Make Up Artist, USA

Out of LA, hair and make up artist Chanel Cross works across fashion, commercial and celebrity. A classic beauty portfolio, perfectly styled. View Chanel's Portfolio
Ricardo Mingacho, Photographer and Designer, Lisbon

Ricardo Mingacho is a multi- and inter-disciplinary creative goes after the grainy and raw but there's undoubtedly an authentic quality in his work. He navigates swimmingly in the fields of film, photography, analogue photography and mixed media arts with an unwavering belief.

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Elaine Winter, Stylist, USA

Elaine Winter is a still life and set designer based in Brooklyn, New York. She uses spacial relationships, color theory, and materiality to inform her practice. Her work for Vogue Italia called ‘With the eyes of the future’ aims to promote Labs work on sustainability powered by its youth community.

View Elaine's Vogue Italia Project
Fabio Coelho, Director, France

Working and living in Paris, French and Portuguese director Fabio Coelho is deeply in love with images and storytelling. He believes that visuals must carry meaning as much as strong aesthetics. View Fabio's Portfolio Site
Tim Pope, Director, Paris

You know a seasoned and respected filmmaker when you see one when they can achieve outstanding results without the help of CGI. Tim Pope is one of them. He has directed stars such as Freddie Mercury, The Psychedelic Furs, Paul Weller, The Cure and many more and his name is now intrinsically woven with the golden of pop and rock both then and now.

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October Mixer

With the change in the season comes a chance to revive those senses and immerse yourself in all things creative. Take out your camera and explore the autumn colors or cozy up and indulge in a good film. But first, be inspired.

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