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Tantalizing new work from our talented community including Neels Castillon, The Positive Alternative, Griffin Stoddard, Elliott Wilcox, Dennis Shin, Thomas Nuijten, Hörður Sveinsson, Leah Berman, Valentin Guiod, Paradise Films, Dave Bullivant, Raniya Mansoor, Diana Neto and Majik FX.

Fabrik Hero

Neels Castillon is a Paris based Film Director and Artist. Named one of the 2018 Young Guns by the ADC/One Club for Creativity, Neels has built a reputation directing visually rich and emotionally engaging films in challenging environments. We took the time to catch up with Neels to gain further insight into his work as a Director. Follow the link in our bio to read his interview.

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Maker Series, Chapter 40

Reducing global emissions - Inspired by local stories. We got in touch with Filmmaker Tim Arnold who is documenting The Positive Alternative movement and asked him to shed further light on how we can bring this crucial message across the globe.

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Griffin Stoddard, Director and Production Designer, USA

Griffin Stoddard is a Director and Production designer based in New York City specializing in music video and commercial content. His visual style is characterized by it's gothic, surreal and dream-like qualities.

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Elliott Wilcox, Photographer, UK

Portraits exploding with personality by Elliott Wilcox from his latest editorial cover story for GQ Hype featuring Raff Law.

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Dennis Shin, Visual Effects Supervisor and Producer, USA

Dennis is a Visual Effects Supervisor and Post Producer working in commercial and episodic specializing in live-action and animation. His behind the scenes clips from Dream Corp LLC give you insight into VFX production and how scenes come to life.

Discover Adult Swim
Thomas Nuijten, Director and Filmmaker, Amsterdam

Thomas Nuijten is a Director and Filmmaker based in Amsterdam who has developed an elegant visual language, appealing to the emotional and intellectual registers of the viewer. His work spans across fictional short films, fashion films and music videos.

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Hörður Sveinsson, Photographer, Iceland

Photographer Hörður Sveinsson promotional portraits shot for the album 'Boy from Michigan' by John Grant feature a spectacle of the usual with glow in the dark neon paint, a smothering amount of peanut butter and jelly, sparkles for days and eyeball hands - So much weirdness and we love it!

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Leah Berman, Visual Artist, USA

Leah Berman is a visual artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Her work primarily focuses on the natural beauty of the world portrayed through landscape, nature, and travel photography and cinemagraphs. ​Leah's landscapes and looping videos give a sense of tranquility with harmonious colors and tones.

Discover Leah's Portfolio
Valentin Guiod, Art Director, UK

Valentin began his career as an Art Director but his love of filmmaking soon saw him transition in directing. He combines his life as a musician, his passion for writing and storytelling, with his love and knowledge of temporary culture to create visually surprising and engaging stories across music videos, commercials, shorts and features. Discover Valentin's Work
Paradise Films, Production Company, Netherlands

Paradise Films is a TV production company ⁠founded by Ivo van Riet. Their commercial for Rimowa featuring Roger Federer is a moving and beautifully curated production displaying the realisation of being a global icon within the world of tennis.⁠

Watch Rimowa x Rodger Federer Commercial
Dave Bullivant, Director and Photographer, UK

Dave Bullivant's new music video for London Grammar's song 'How Does It Feel' proves that in the mist of a global pandemic, a smaller set and shooting outdoors can still be just as impactful.

Watch 'How Does It Feel'
Raniya Mansoor, Artist, Maldives

Raniya is a politics graduate, and a self-taught contemporary Artist who takes an intuitive and multi-layered, abstract-expressionist approach to create depth and texture in her paintings. Raniya is drawn to creating art that meaningfully connects to life, her Maldivian heritage, and a journey of wellness; and channels her reflections in mixed mediums, paired with a minimalist and structured finish. She is the co-founder of Oevaali Art Shop, a Maldivian studio dedicated to fine art and design. View Raniya's Portfolio
Diana Neto, Photographer, Portugal

"As a creator I’m always interested in trying new ways of self-expression because that allows me to grow and incorporate more elements into my work. I like to keep an open mind and not restrict myself"

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Majik FX⁠, Visual Effects Creative Director and Supervisor, Canada

David Casey is a Visual Effects Creative Director and Supervisor at Embassy VFX. His recent project Verzenio for Area 23 is mesmerizing display conceptualizing complex medical topics with detailed water simulations.

Watch Verzenio