This is a series of works titled “FaceIt”. FaceIt explores a core question – “…what binds us?”. The works explore this question using three symbolic devices; glue as a medium, everyday objects representative of binding and the face in profile. These elements combine to invite the viewer to reflect on what connects them to others and how this unseen but essential element in our lives is drives the creative and destructive in humans.

The primary creative vehicle in this series of work is the glue. Why glue? Think of the things that glue individuals and society together, think of the things that create partnerships in business or make teams function. Think of the things that make buildings stand. We talk of bringing people together, binding them to a common cause or just sticking by someone in times of need.

The “glue” – hidden, rarely in the limelight but vital to building relationships and futures sits at the core of the question that underpins these works. By making the glue the object I invite the viewer to look beyond the obvious to the cracks, the places between, to look for the glue that binds us.

Secondary elements are everyday hardware. These agents are suggestive of the common, everywhere all the time, hidden in plain sight. They represent the ubiquitous nature of relationships as well as reinforce the core idea of the work. Hardware is symbolic of the constructed nature of relationships – they are made, worked at, built.

The final element in the work is the face in profile used as a vehicle to draw the viewer into the display. The face is a powerful metaphor for self-reflection. Humans are drawn to faces, we look for ourselves in every portrait.

Team Credits

Milos Pelikan



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