Fashion History Research

Belonging to the Museu del Disseny, the Textile and Fashion Museum of Barcelona sheds extraordinary light on the history of Spanish fashion. I have been collaborating with the Museum since 2010, with an average of three projects per year.

I specialise in research and analysis of their permanent collection from the 20th century. I uncover the necessary information they need, analyse the data and present reports for the MTIB team to use as a basis to build upon the collection.

Starting in 2013, I was involved in the process of creating the permanent exhibition for the MTIB’s new installation "El Cos Vestit" which opened in December 2014. This involved selecting garments from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s to be on display. I also carried out extensive research to locate fashion films to be used in different vitrines. The final edit is beautiful, concise and informative.