Fast Art and Youth Initiates, 2014

  • Sophie Giblin

Mentor and Workshop Leader
 I’m interested in empowering young people to learn different ways to contribute to their communities, that’s why I worked with the National Citizen Service in Reading. I guided 16-19 year olds to volunteer at their local dementia homes, to share their joint passion for art and music with the elderly people they visited. These experiences have taught me the importance of safeguarding, participating in youth lead curriculums and clear communication in challenging circumstances. 
 I also worked with Towner Contemporary to teach young people who'd been taken out of mainstream education due to difficult circumstances at home my workshop Fast Art. I take the young people through an event faster version of my (normally) two hour workshop. Together they come up with an idea, make the idea happen, and sell the idea to the public. Working with these young people transformed my life and the way I see creative workshops helping young people work through their issues and form stronger bonds.