Feeding stray dogs through the power of art

Back in 2017 I have started a charity project which follows a very simple concept. I will draw a portrait in exchange for a donation for the duration of the whole summer. All the donations are then transferred to dog shelters in my home country, Moldova, a country where stray dogs are a big problem. 2 shelters in the first year, 5 shelters in the second, and a whooping 7 shelters last summer.

In the first year, I did 100 portraits by myself, and collected a total of £200
In the following years, I had the idea of turning this project into a platform for artists aswell, where any willing artist can join me and help with a portrait, and get credited under his work across social media platforms. This way I've gathered a team of 12 artists, and have together collected £500 in the second summer. The popularity was growing and people started to know more about us, and for the third summer we kept the same concept going, and collected £1300 in the third year alone!

In total, about £2000 were collected from hundreds of donors, and hundreds of portraits were made by dozens of kind artists. Here is a small nu,ber of portraits done over the years.
These are the Instagram handles of all the artists involved throughout all editions:
@mqqqks (that's me) | @svetaparfenyuk | @escuarts | @crisloran | @doina_titanu | @mimindru | @krys_barbarys | @murlesta | @vlstdr | @ada_vishneva | @designbydragosh | @ellis__addiction | @izosimova_nadya | @alyona.ciobanu | @an.na_vasina | @a.mi_draws | @nika_miller94 | @divine_s_art | @marinadotsulima | @getabagheta | @damir.alexandra
Apart from working in the portraits for the excited donors, I have also put together a consistent brand in order to get recognised easier by the public and build trust, as well as raise awareness of the existing problem and why we're doing this. This is what it looked like. The project is mainly based in Moldova, so all the information was written in Romanian.
And to sign me off, here's some photos received from grateful shelters to show us how the donations helped them.
Some of the shelters have cats too

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