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My idea focus on promoting the social media of this brand. The campaign called ‘Feel Good To...’ wants to spread positivity. My project has two parts, one is three short animations, the other is flip books with the corresponding stories. The campaign will be launched online and offline at the same time. I set a position for Feel Good Drinks, a lifestyle brand. Doing good things and sharing happiness.I selected three features from the concept of Feel Good Drinks: healthy, eco-friendly and helpful. Using these features to make my animations.
Online - Animation & Social Media Promotion
Launch the ‘Feel Good To...’ campaign on social media platforms. The brand will update the animations with different stories monthly. For example, this week is about keep fit, the brand will release a topic about this theme. Audience can use ‘#feelgoodtoexercise’ to join in this campaign, sharing their stories by photos or videos. This campaign enables the target audience to better understand the concept of the brand, while allowing them to interact with the brand.
At the same time, the brand can select some interesting stories from the audience and use their stories to make more animations. Therefore, this project could be developed to a long term campaign.
I set the brand as a woman between 18 to 35 years old. She is the main character in my animations. The stories are related to her daily life. How can an ordinary woman become better and better with Feel Good Drinks?
I drew the stop motion by brushes, because it looks more casual. To make the animations more dramatic, I added a concept of games. For the background of the animations, I took a photo of the sketch book. The fold in the middle can divide the screen into two parts. The left side is doing bad, the right side is doing good. The character walks from the left to the right means she is becoming better in the life. For the background music, I chose a fun tune to fit the concept of games.

Offline - Flip Book (physical)
Distributing the flip books in some popular supermarkets to spread the information of this campaign.

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Hongyi Hu

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  • Visual Designer

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  • Stop Motion Animation
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