Feminist Inclusive Podcast Ep1: Hairy Girls on Film

  • Tzeitel Degiovanni

In May 2019, I recorded the pilot episode of an intersectional podcast series, which sees me interview academics and professors about gender, race, class and sexual representation in visual culture. In this pilot episode, I interviewed Professor Karín Lesnik - Oberstein, author of 'The Last Taboo: Women and Body Hair' (2006), the very first academic book written on female body hair. This book investigates the representation of female body hair in culture, art and life, and in this podcast I ask Karín some of the most pressing questions about body hair in 2019 - Is representation improving? Why do people find it so disgusting? and what can be done to reduce stigmatisation? You can find Karín's book here: www.amazon.com/last-taboo-Women-…air/dp/0719083230