Film Screening of Liway ft Direk Kip Oebanda et al.

  • Fides Dagongdong

In the wake of the current Marcos-Duterte tandem rising into power, with the former dictator's son as President, it is very dear and vital for us as the Filipino & Filipinx diaspora to share the stories regarding the violent happenings that occurred during Marcos' Martial Law. Liway shows @/kipoebanda in the telling of his childhood as the child of a Prisoner of War, Commander Liway, who led the guerilla groups within the Negros region. Through his eyes, we witness what his parents - specifically his mother - tries to give him a normal childhood amongst a very unnatural situation. Following the screening will be a live Zoom Q&A with Direk Kip and it is a great opportunity to be able to discuss the importance of such movies and how Filipinx diaspora's role in such story telling. Plus other questions you may have! POST-EVENT REMARKS: A thought-provoking, informative and insightful discussion with direk Kip Oebanda joined by line producer Jed Medrano and editor Chuck Gutierrez. There were a lot of sniffles and eyes were red from crying after the film, but there is also a strong feeling of hope and renewed sense of collectivity when the discussion ended. Padayon! collaborative event w/: @/inventoryplatform @/anakbayanuk @/bahaghariuk @/gabrielauk @/fdwauk TRNSLTN: • padayon - tagalog; literal meaning 'to keep going', closest English translation 'solidarity'