FIO Studio

  • Giorgia Feroldi

In a society projected towards human digitisation and its technological developments, we have understood how people's sensitivity is taken for granted. With the advancement of these new technologies, our analysis revealed a need to connect to the interlocutor of the future through an emotional ramification of content. This target is defined by the alpha generation, which in the future of 5 years (2025) will be bored with marketing as we know it today, because it will grow into an environment already bombarded with information and products. Unconsciously, a need to perceive long forgotten emotions will grow in them. We will no longer sell products, but we will retain their loyalty through feelings, we will capture them by responding to unconscious needs, we will create an emotional connection that will grow over time, almost as if to develop a personal relationship based on the person's identification with the sentiment. We are a creative studio suitable for communicating with the generation of the future, we use audio-visual techniques to create fashion films and sound advertising campaigns that are inspired by an idea of the absurd theatre revisited on the basis of our analyses. The assembly of our products will follow audio-visual neologisms. Haptic perception will be the structural body of our storytelling, to involve the target physically and sensibly.


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    Polimoda Institute of Design and Marketing