• Megan Freeman

BRIEF: Create a service, brand experience, campaign, digital or social experience or product (app or digital build for example) that: get girls engaged with sport - focusing on one of those that needs the greatest shift - focus on removing the mental or physical barriers that prevent girls from getting onto, or staying on, the fields, courts and pitches. This isn’t just about coming up with an amazing spectacle. This is all about considering how your solution would work in this setting and lead to long lasting change. BARRIER: 79% of young women opt out of participating in sport when they feel conscious about the way they look due to it being the time of the month. Having a period shouldn’t be a barrier for young women to feel embarrassed, ashamed or self conscious about their bodies, however within society, girls don’t want to participate due to this factor. Therefore awareness towards this issue needs to be brought to light, not only within teenage girls but also professional sports women who also feel a need to raise awareness towards this ‘taboo’ topic. Targeting a campaign to normalise the topic of menstruation at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will act as a perfect opportunity to raise awareness due to the huge media coverage within the Olympic Games to address the barrier on a global scale. As a result inspiring young women to participate within sport, feeling confident, strong and comfortable in their own bodies. SOLUTION: Introducing ‘Flow’. The new Adidas clothing range released for the 2020 Olympics. The clothing range aims to bring awareness to the fact that ‘It’s okay to say. Period’, and menstruation shouldn’t be ignored within sport. Sometimes girls leak, sometimes body confidence comes into play, sometimes menstruation can effect a woman’s performance... and that’s all okay. However the ‘taboo’ factor of the subject can overpower the normality of bleeding while competing leading to feelings of embarrassment, shame and reluctance to participate in-case of leaking. Flow not only raises awareness towards the normality of menstruation through the bold ‘stain’ design within the sports clothing, it also helps hide any period leaks within its blood patched design. Seeing women and men at the 2020 Olympics competing or training in Flow’s clothing helps bring awareness to the issue and the importance of the campaign. You can purchase the Stain Collection for yourself to work out in, or buy our t-shirt which displays Flow’s logo to spread awareness - all money spent of Flow’s t-shirt’s will be donated to a Charity which helps supply menstrual products to women in third world countries.