Forget it! A l'è mac cine

'Forget it!' is an independent web series, born from the semi-casual encounter between a director, Pietro Balla, a screenwriter, Teresa Lucente, and a theater company, the Ciabotto Company.
A l'è mac cine' - in Piedmont 'doing cinema' - is an expression that is used when a person pretend, or rather recite, as movie actors. "Do not make cine!" Can say a mother to her son, who is pretending to be sick to avoid the school. With this title, authors and actors want declare that they have played 'making cine': on the one hand, highlighting the staging; on the other, violating all of its rules. The two stories that interweave in the series reflect these two modes: the love story of Rita and Osky, and the attempt of Paola and Giovanni to act in a movie.

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Teresa Lucente

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