Freelance Photography, Press Relations and Social Media Management

  • Alexa Ledecky
  • Andres garcia
  • Andras Kresak
Having moved to Bristol in September to get involved in its thriving arts scene, I am constantly attending industry event, networking and looking out for collaboration opportunities, all this alongsie my temporary everyday job. So far, I have worked with DIY-music label Breakfast Records on stewarding several of their events as well as writing a press release for one of their latest launch. I am also currently working with The Island as a part-time Marketing Assistant. As part of this experience, I manage several of the multi-venues art organisation, photograph a selection of its many events and create promotional written content.

For my photography work, check out these links:
Below: Press release for Breakfast Records launch
Below: Review/Promotional piece written for "Ice Road", a Raucous theatre play showcased at Jacobs Wells Baths, a joint venue of The Island