An experimental human stop-motion animatic-as-short-film I directed and edited based on the given script:

"Tom (a young man) enters a cafe to have lunch. It is his first day at work and he doesn’t know the area well. He enters and has a look around. The place is not big but there aren’t many inside either. He orders a sandwich looks around and sits at a table to have it. There is a group of 4 men sitting at another table having drinks and food. The guys speak loudly; tell each other jokes and laugh out loud. They attract Tom’s attention. He suddenly notices that one of them is hiding a gun in his pocket and immediately looks away to avoid attracting their attention. He thinks he should finish his sandwich and get out of there as soon as he can but one of the guys asks him to pass on the salt. He is scared and hesitant, thinking what he should do. After a brief pause Tom takes the salt, moves to their table and gives it to the guy. At this point the guy who is hiding a gun reaches towards it in his pocket. This makes Tom even more nervous but he tries hard to hide his fear. He starts to sweat. The guy takes his hand out with a photo of a child to show to his friends. He says: ‘This is him, my grandson I mean’ Tom is relieved. At this point he notices that he is staring at them, he pulls himself together and goes back to his table."

Constraints: Max. 16 shots

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Gabriel Gabriel Garble
Animation director