Friday Late: Anthropocene

From geology to houseplants, consider how we got here and explore ways to reconnect with the natural world.

27 September 2019
18.30 – 22.00

In May 2019, a panel of scientists voted to classify the age we are living in as a new geological epoch — the Anthropocene. Human-driven changes to the earth’s systems are so great that we have shifted from being inhabitants, to becoming a geological force directly impacting on the planet. This Friday Late, experience dance which softens the industrial and questions productivity. Find out how human-enhancement technology challenges our perceptions of the ‘natural’, and question what an obsession with houseplants reveals about our transient and precarious times.
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Sam Jacob Studio
Theo Clinkard
Leah Marojevic
Kieran Yates
Janine Francois
Suzanne Dhaliwal
Angela Chan
Flora Ocean Parkin (V&A)
Zofia Trafas White (V&A)
Clara de Massol
Janice Li (V&A)
Corinna Gardner (V&A)
Kristian Volsing (V&A)
Linden Katherine McMahon
El Hardwick
Chrissie White
Clara Pathé
Justina Goldbeck
Jatinder Singh Durhailay
Suren Seneviratne
Lesley-Ann Daly
Gayle Chong Kwan, New Atlantis, Cockaigne (series), 2004 | @gaylechongkwan |
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