Friday Late: Copy / Paste

How might digital copies transform the physical world and what's the role of copying in preserving cultural heritage?

29 March 2019
18.30 – 22.00

Human culture is built on a history of replication. We copy to learn, to assimilate, to preserve and to magnify. How is this behaviour being transformed by advances in technology and what is the value of the authentic or the original today? This Friday Late, watch dance pieces to examine how human error impacts repetition and examine the role of copying in preserving cultural heritage. From architecture to online identities, explore duplication in the digital age.
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On The Cusp Of (Ella Devi Dabysing and Rayvenn Shaleigha D’Clark)
The Yonis
Dallas Wexler
Nikita De Martin
Paulo Canaglia
Lorenzo Veronese
Nikita De Martin
Silvia Carradori
Ashley Handel
Nicole Jacobus
Scan the World
Rebecca Knott (V&A)
Carolyn Alexander
Antonio Roberts
Martha McGuinn
Alt Går Bra
Darcy Wallace
Thom Sonny Green
Leah Marojevic
Temitope Ajose-Cutting
Karen Callaghan
Rosalie Pearce Bell
The Architectural Models Network
Kieran Yates
Hannah Hill (aka Hanecdotes)
Bernice Mulenga
Erin Aniker | @erinaniker |
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Last Friday of every month (except May & December)
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Photos © Hydar Dewachi | @hydardewachi |

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