Friday Late: Snap

  • Yewande YoYo Odunubi
  • Jenna Mason
  • Graham Rounthwaite
  • Campbell Addy
  • Steve Salter
  • lamisa khan
  • Hannah Tointon
  • Maxwell Anderson
  • ophelia Wynne
  • Hamed Maiye
  • Bernice Mulenga
  • Polly Bussell

Discover how we create, collect, and preserve moments in the click of a shutter.

26 October 2018
18.30 – 22.00

In collaboration with i-D

In our digital age, every second of the day is captured on camera by us and others – every moment of success, every mistake, every blemish, every smile. Our lives are a catalogue – whether in feeds or in photo albums, we capture and curate our worlds through the amassing and sharing of pictures. This Friday Late, the V&A are joined by i-D to explore how we create, collect, and preserve moments in the click of a shutter.
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Shy One
Maxwell Owin
Bernice Mulenga
Ellen Morrison
Roxanne Tataei
Hamed Maiye
Ophelia Wynne
Geni Lou
Elie-Anne Ross
Frederique "PAX" Dumas
Robia Milliner
Ffion Campbell Davies
Alexandra Leese
Maxwell Anderson
Hannah Tointon
John Spinks
Elizabeth James
Muslim Sisterhood
Lamisa Khan
Zeinab Saleh
Sara Gulamali
The Savage Sister Vintage
Steve Salter
Campbell Addy
Graham Rounthwaite
Alexandra Leese | @alexleese |
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Photos © Hydar Dewachi | @hydardewachi |