From Accra to Lagos, and from Lagos to London

  • Catarina Ramalho
  • Joe Brine

Mr. Eazi’s unabashedly joyous music will soon make physical barriers, such as borders, a thing of the past. The following stop on his journey is yet to be announced, but Mr. Eazi is slowly, but surely, asserting his place as one of the most influential artists of his time.

Emerging from the depths of the cyberspace, Mr. Eazi's unique musical twist has broadened and elevated our sonic palate. Honesty and due diligence are crucial to all of his ventures, and his success has given him a fortified sense to be an ambassador of his culture to the West.
Having traveled as far afield as Accra, to Lagos, and the British Capital, the question remains. Where is he going next?

Full profiling piece, here.
Photography by Noa Grayesky