Problem: Gamblers are so addicted to the act, they are oblivious to what they stand to use
Idea: Show exactly what they can use whilst they gamble
Executions: Casino Chips, Slot Machines, and Facebook game

Casino Chips
Volunteers for GambleAware would stand outside casinos offering gamblers a 'free' stack of chips. However, on further inspection, they have the question 'What Are You Really Gambling?' printed on one side, and on the other all the things they stand to loose, such as 'Your Children'. These chips would work so that, if gamblers want to use these chips, they are more conscious of exactly what they stand to loose as they put it into the machine: they aren't just gambling with a chip, they are gambling with their children, for example.
Slot Machines
After so 20 goes on the GambleAware slot machines, three matching pictures will automatically line up. These pictures will be of something the gamblers may stand to gain from their addiction, for example unhappy children, or being homeless. A chip will then be dispensed, which says the question 'What are you really gambling?'
Facebook Game
This game would work through Facebook to show online gamblers what they are really gambling with. It would appear as a normal advert within Facebook at first.
Then, it would ask you to select a bundle of 'mystery' chips for free to use within the game
The game would start, and, at first, would seem like a normal online game of Blackjack
However, the game is rigged, and the player is set to lose very quickly, and then asked to continue back to Facebook
However, when they return, they will be met with a message from GambleAware. Whatever bundle they chose from in the beginning, this data will be temporarily removed from Facebook for an hour. For example, if you chose 'your friends' bundle, you will not be able to contact anyone on your friends list or see their posts, to show how they are gambling with people too

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Lauren Ashton

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