Games of Love & Chance

Games of Love and Chance is an original farce by David K Barnes inspired from Marivaux's 'Le Jeu de l'amour et du hasard', performed to sell-out audiences at Bedlam Theatre through the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


It’s 1929 and Sir Oscar Botcherby is on to another brilliant business venture. He’s arranged for his daughter Sylvia to marry Roderick Brooke-Sharpe, doubling the family fortune — a plan Sylvia passionately protests. After all, she’s never even met the man! Worse still, Roderick is coming over to meet his bride in 10 minutes.

As the doorbell rings, revealing an outrageously sentimental gentleman and his disgruntled valet Pertwee, it’s time to mix a stiff Pink Whirligig. With a Blenheim Twist. But Sylvia is no longer Sylvia, and the new maid keeps on spilling the tea. And actually there’s something very, very odd about Roderick and something even odder about the valet…

Misunderstandings and maladroit romances ensue within the walls of a sprawling country estate as the two lovers-to-be secretly swap places with their servants in the search for unconditional love.