Getty Images: The New Mod's

  • Josie Gealer Ng
  • Guy Merrill

The New Mods depicts a day in the life of a group of friends, Johar, Aba, Fatin and Fatma, at home and out and about in west London during Ramadan. The project is a collaboration between myself and photographer Nina Manandhar for Getty Images.

We wanted to explore interpretation of Modest Fashion with a focus on the navigation of religious identity through style - The girls’ ability to dress in a style that is in accordance with their religious beliefs and identity while also retaining their individuality – something that is all too often lost in media depictions of Muslim women.
The tongue-in-cheek title of ‘New Mods’ makes a nod towards one of the earliest British subcultures: young, white (mostly) men who defined themselves through their sharp, tailored dress and penchant for ska music. British subcultures have gone through a lot of changes since those times, but the moral panic around youth culture and difference remains the same. these young women are the mods of 2018 – only this time, mod stands for modest (fashion) rather than modernist.
Nina interviewed the girls on what Modest Fashion means to them - read the interview on Dazed
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