Giorgio Armani - Drops For Life

Insights, Strategy & the Idea Our challenge was not only to shed light on an ongoing problem affecting the lives of so many around the world, but to provide a practical solution for people to get involved. The Unicef Tap Project is an initiative to help bring safe, clean drinking water to those in need around the world. Giorgio Armani wanted to help and rally others to the cause with the digital campaign Drops for Life. Our goal was to get people leading digital lives to think about a real world problem through their everyday interactions. People who are fans of Armani are affluent, so by creating Drops for Life, we saw an opportunity to raise awareness with them through their digital touch points: online, on Facebook, and via mobile.Drops for Life was created to not just raise money but also awareness for a very serious problem affecting millions of people
Creative Execution Visitors to the site are simply asked to “like” the cause, and a dollar is donated to the Tap Project on behalf of Armani. Their contribution is visualized as a drop in the pool, joining others who donated, as well as posted to their Facebook wall, spreading the message across their network. To promote Drops for Life, we got the word out with a projection of the site in major cities, a New York Times takeover, print, and a mobile app. The Drop for Life app challenges people to carry a digital drop as far as possible for those in need, echoing the fact that so many have to walk miles for clean drinking water.
Results and Effectiveness Armani not only raised money for countless in need, but also much-needed awareness about the Unicef Tap Project, encouraging individuals and hopefully companies to continue supporting a very important cause. In just one month, the campaign garnered over 40,000 “likes” on Facebook, contributing to raising enough funding for UNICEF to provide 10,000,000 days of safe, clean drinking water for children in need.
The Promo / PR Ad titled ARMANI DROPS FOR LIFE was done by R/GA New York, Y&R Garage 4x4 Riga advertising agencies for product: Social Cause (brand: Giorgio Armani) in United States. It was released in Mar 2011.


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