Glasgow City Centre Contemporary Art Trail

  • Lucy Watkins

Alongside curator Hannaa Hamdache, Glasgow City Council commissioned the production of a contemporary art trail which encouraged residents and visitors to reconnect with their city. For this, I designed a 24-page brochure which featured an illustrated map, information and photographs about the artworks, and information about other contemporary art in the city. The colour scheme and cover design was inspired directly by the trail and artworks, and the layout was influenced by the twisting and turning nature of map-reading. I also assisted design of the mobile version which can be found below. Photography by Eimear Coyle

The brochure is a run of 5,000 to be distributed throughout museums, galleries and conteporary art spaces throughout the city.

The trail is also available as a mobile version which can be found here.

The trail has been featured on Glasgow West End Today and Glasgow Times.
All of this has translated into how you have delivered the project on time, on budget and to a high standard. Your collaborative approach has won support for the pieces selected, and the trail design with the artists and the Contemporary Art Group in Glasgow. The very positive response to you and your ideas is a result of this approach. I have also appreciated the fact that you have responded constructively to feedback throughout the process. The designs, for both the brochure and the website have been particularly well received by the Contemporary Art Group and our in-house Graphics Team. This gives me great confidence for the 2020 launch of the City Centre Contemporary Art Trail.