Graduate Collection - Mainline Collection: Conscious Bride

  • Lauren Matthews

Conscious Bride is a sustainable Bridal / Eveningwear collection made entirely of waste products. Utilising end-of-line fabric from suppliers and mills which would otherwise go to waste, as well as using fastenings taken from old toiles and charity shop garments, this collection offers garments which aim to have zero negative impact on the environment. The investment pieces promote a more circular fashion by encouraging consumers to keep their bridal garments and re-wear them as evening pieces. After being worn multiple times, the elite pieces would be suitable to pass on as heirlooms as they are timeless – serving a way of life rather than a trend. The consumer can be part of a movement to halt and reverse the damaging effects of Man. This collection began with a passion to protect the world’s oceans from human activity and litter. It takes shape and silhouette inspiration from discreetly vulnerable coral reefs to form a bold and contemporary collection for a mindful bride.