Grandad's Untold Story (WIP)

Brief (WIP)

The project is based on Grandad's true story of North Korea. From his narrow escape, to secrecy of another family in the North, his new family in the South, and only confessing his story to his by then grown up children, and to his wife whom he shared life with for over 20 years on his deathbed.
Based on the characteristic of grandad's story - because he was on the run from the North Korean government, he had no documents on him to support it. No identification to prove who he claimed he was, no photographs or documents of his other family, all that we could rely as proof was the story he told on his deathbed. The details of the story died with him, and the rest remains for us, the family in the South to speculate, or on this project's case - to imagine, to be understood emotionally.
As his grandaughter, and the only grandchild he saw whilst he was alive, I see his story as an untold story. The story was never quite fully told. Too many blanks for the rest of us to continue the search on his behalf of his family in the North, to complete the puzzle. He was a flawed human being, just like any one of us, he was a human being who tried his best, just like any one of us - the scenario might have unfolded in North Korea, but there are also people, real lives, real stories happening there, and through this project I aim to show and explore and make us all realise the people's stories of North Korea.

To reflect the "Untold" nature, this WIP project is building upto be a website. The story due to its absence of any proof nor documents, its intangible nature I wanted to reflect via things that contain the same nature in the contemporary - hence a digital storytelling.
I am approaching it with playful and abstract character of using dots as human figures, and colours for easy, imaginative and playful encouragement for others to immserve themselves. The website is going to be scroll-able, told in narrative order. And at the end, there is going to be a platform where the readers truly become co-storytellers as they are invited to use the playful elements to complete their version of this untold story on behalf of my grandad, on behalf of those who never had the chance to tell their stories.

The Story (to be converted into imagery)

The following is the Untold Story told in narrative order. The initial few have been turned into imageries as shown in the portfolio.
The rest of the texts will also be turned into imageries including at the end where there will be a platform for the readers to become co-storytellers by completing their own version of the story using the playful elements. To have a story with elements that can be potentailly regarded as foreign and unrelatable are approached with colours, abstract and simple emoticons to encourage the readers to be immersed and approach the story playfully with curiosity. The texts have been colour coded so some of them will be transferred as texts or emotions.
Once the visuals have been finalised through the above process, they will be coded to construct a website.

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