Ha Ha Art Festival

  • Fabiola Retamozo
Ha Ha Art Festival
19th -21st of March 12pm-6pm
Part of the Telegraph Hill Festival 2016 – Open Studios Week End

The Ha Ha Art Exhibition is a 3 day festival which centres on the theme of ‘happiness’.

March is the month of spring, new life & growth! This festival is a voyage of discovery on how to learn new ways of growing your own happiness!

The festival is a collaboration between local artists exhibiting work, a hands on workshop called ‘Everybody Paint With Mudness’ led by a local artist & laughter sessions with a Laughter Yoga tutor.

Participants will be invited to take part in these experiential activities in order to feel good. There is a link between the pursuit of creative activities and joy. Recent research by the University of London connects the mere viewing of art with an increase in dopamine and activity in the brain‘s frontal cortex, resulting in feelings of pleasure. Furthermore comfort is found in the discovery of one’s own ‘art ability’. The process of attention & concentration known as ‘flow’, found in meditation and yoga, offers the same positives that occur through deep engagement in an art process.

The exhibition, art workshops and laughter sessions, will produce sensations of exploration, relaxation and stimulation. They are designed to make participants realise that they can come and take away life long tools and techniques to use in order to create their own happiness.

Art Exhibition of emerging artists & ‘Drawing London on Location’ group- Charm Havens, Sheila Buckley, Tracey Smith,Lee-Ann Archer,Betty Burdelak, Dimo Dimov & Joanna Boxall.

Art Workshop-Fabiola Retamozo

Laughter yoga-Patricia Byrne

For the interactive activities we recommend to pre book your place for 15 min sessions at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ha-ha-art-festival-tickets-21138397516


19th -21st of March 12pm-6pm
Art displayed throughout the space by Emerging Artist and the Drawing London on location.

19th – 20th of March
Art workshop from 12:30pm every half hour
Laughter sessions from 12:30pm every half hour

21st of March
Drawing interview from 12: 30pm every half hour

Written by Patricia Byrne