The Challenge: Encourage the spread of happiness to an age of Millenials who are becoming increasingly reliant on the digital world and less engaged in physical interaction.
The Response: Following in depth research into factors of happiness, three areas stood out as key: Chatting / Socialising, Sunshine and Disconnection from the digital. Therefore in response, a series of three zines were created following these themes. A brand 'Happy' was produced who would be responsible for the distribution of these zines, with the tagline of 'spread happy'. In order to fully engage in the brief, I disconnected from my phone and social media and recorded a diary which influenced the outcomes here.
The chatting zine explores the concept of socialising, the ‘stranger talk’ cards are
explained in the zine and two are included to encourage the spread of happy.
The typographic poster reflects the quote ‘socialising is the key to happiness’,
the design slots together like a key in a lock and is inspired by the swinging 60’s
round pattern designs, the overlapping curves reflect sound waves, like those
from chatting. On the front cover, an abstract crop of the design is presented
to represent a sound wave, which is followed through on the ‘stranger talk’ card
designs. The zine has been hand embossed with this abstract sound wave design
to add further depth and texture.
The sunshine zine explores the concept of sunshine making you happy. The zine
contains information about the ‘little box of sunshine’ which are dotted around
city centres, to provide an escape to somewhere which is a permanent sunny day.
The typographic poster reflects sunbeams with abstract lines providing depth
throughout. The front cover is a representation of the windows of the phone box
with the sunshine gleaming inside, this is further depicted in the zine through the
use of hand embossing to create the sunbeam textures. Finally, a space is included
to encourage interaction with the zine, and to consider the experience in the box.
The disconnection zine explores the concept of switching off and re-entering the
real world. The zine encourages this disconnection through a checklist to guide
you through the process and aid engagement with the concept. The typographic
poster is an abstract representation of disconnection, with a manipulation of the
type to disconnect the letters and make it almost unreadable. The type purposely
doesn’t look digitally generated, with textures bringing a digital typeface to
the real world, just as the zine is encouraging. The front cover takes an abstract
approach to representing an ‘on/off’ symbol, this is further seen through the hand
embossing of the symbol throughout the zine, encouraging the audience to feel
the tactile elements and engage with the design.

Team Credits

Jess Draper

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  • 4th Year Graphic and Communication Design Undergraduate

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Jess Draper
4th Year Graphic and Communication Design Undergraduate