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Has the COPE method of content creation seen its day?

  • Harriet Cooper

When I first started working in content, COPE (create once, publish everywhere) was a term I quickly had to Google and it seems to be a strategy that has underpinned many big businesses over the years. However, now we’re entering an era when digital sales are quickly growing and people aren’t just visiting commerce websites to shop but to be inspired, it’s made me wonder, is this method just lazy? Firstly, when your business spans across more than one country I don’t see how this method can work. Yes you want to drive unity and alignment, but you can’t be truly customer centric when your content is created with a customer from one country in mind. Secondly, I would love to see how you can effectively deliver personalised content to customers with the COPE method. I’m not talking small tweaks in phrasing but actually showing me content that I’m likely to read (and read to the end!) throughout my browsing journey on your website and different social media platforms... Do you agree?