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Health Aficionado Experimentation (HAEXP)

Haexp / Further Listening and Watching 2015-2016
The original film re-mastered and accompanied by a bonus disc containing additional film-sketches and unreleased sound collages plus exclusive drawings.
Manifesto for the Health Aficionado Experimentation (Haexp): the Alternative
Provider of the New Health Architecture
The primer for Haexp, - the new health architecture - acts beyond conventional architectural and medical disciplines by pursuing a new ideal of constant movement, flux and change. A non-hierarchical medical network serviced by an architecture of transportation.
For the new health architecture ideal, the city as a medical ocean is examined. This psycho-geographic conception is interrogated, reconsidering a new performative medium for this alternative provider of health re-characterization. The de-institutionalised, new community system shall demonstrate an absolute primitive rethinking of the confluence of not-usually-valued medical networks: the Health Aficionado Experimentation (Haexp).
Digital-anthropological Study – Discovering a Landscape of Otherness
In order to begin to create a new de-institutionalised image, a digital-anthropological study of health is conducted. The 48 hours ethnographical investigation of MMORPG World of Warcraft and subsequent 1 week field study at Whitby re-discovered a series of extraordinary social- anthropological- pharmaceutical - architectural metaphor and symbol of alternative description, gesture and behaviour on a newly defined half real half fictional medical environment. The natural-artificial-virtual phenomenon observed expressed an ideal structuralist thinking that unconsciously defined a hyper-ness of a health landscape, a landscape of otherness. The objects of material, cultural semiotics constantly re-drew the uncanny physicality and materiality on sea, earth, water and the edge of city.
Idealism on Water
A vital aspect of the new medical network, is the constant echo of the enduring sensibility of water and of artificial waterways, which consequently perform as an indispensable architectural continuance. London’s canals, River Thames, Docklands and outer estuaries are considered to be the core site of this new health network - the city as a medical ocean: an absolute conflation, crossover and exacerbation locale of instant change between urban, suburban and agricultural territories.
Soft Feminine Medical Aesthetic
The art of new health architecture is hyper-sensitive. The most sensitive hyper-machine reacts to its surroundings by affirming what is missing: in hard times becoming soft, in soft times becoming hard. Its tenuous intersection of sensual and conceptual temptation must be erotic, and this feminine gender shall identify a new architectural-medical aesthetic, through complete sensation without any conveyance of narrative: a New Soft Feminine Medical Aesthetic. The Soft Feminine Medical Aesthetic creates the architectural inflection of softness. It feminizes the whole health landscape: a poetic otherness, guardian of tender softness, a medical concentration of reality and an architectural shock of sensation.
Medical Carnival as infrastructure
This new typological system establishes a constantly changing 24/7 medical carnival of operations. It requires a new vocabulary and visual/cultural language for evolving of a series of alternative medical apparatus, a uniquely customised medical infrastructure. The apparatus will be initiated and continuously adapted by participating communities - Health Aficionado EXP (Haexp) members/citizens - not institutionalized hospital patients. Accordingly it will be shaped as an ideal network, which passionately acts on the architectural, medical, aesthetical, technological, horticultural, floracultural and non-human-centric experimental realm for the absolute alternative understanding of the art of recovery.
The Health Aficionado EXP apparatus includes: Haexp Wharf – Commanding Centre, Super Ambulance, Mobile Health Clinic, Health Tree, Energy Tree, Marine Medicine Probe, Underwater Medicinal Greenhouse, Marine Medicine Workshop, Sea Bathing Shell, Robotic Horse, Robotic Cow, Anti-biotic Collector, Underwater Sensor and Emergency Drone.

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