Highlife shot by Philipp Raheem

  • Studio PI

Meet the cast of the new Channel 4 docu-ality series: Highlife. Captured by Studio PI photographer, Philipp Raheem. Historically, our screens have shown us tales of impoverished inner city youths and disruptive gang culture, in an attempt to feed us a curated exhibition of what is thought to be the collective Black British experience. Launching on the 10th September at 10pm and co-produced by Cr8tiverow and Optomen Television, Highlife is set to be a refreshing change of pace and much needed representation. The cast features a group of young, driven and charismatic British West Africans, as they navigate life and love whilst pursuing their own ideals of success. Having routinely denied its audience a breadth of authentic representation, does this mean British television is finally getting a much needed facelift?