Historic Scotland

Historic Scotland manage and conserves Scotland’s built heritage, responsible for over 300 sites across Scotland. After developing their identity there was a need to review some of their most popular attractions.

Edinburgh Castle with its rich history and many stories needed to be communicated as one clear voice. The core thought of 'Defender of the Nation' was a foundation to build the creative expression from and inform the visitor experience. The mark represents the volcanic plug which forms the Lion Rampant along with crenelated crown.

Stirling Castle which had recently undergone a £12 million renovation project to return the castle’s renaissance palace to how it may have looked in the mid-16th century at the height of the Stewart’s dynasty. Positioned as The Home of Scottish Royalty, this informed the new identity. The symbol combines the white unicorn found in the castle’s tapestries and the carved wooden Stirling Heads from the Great Hall.

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Jamie Solomon

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